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Welcome to Maths Worksheets


The Maths Worksheets website provides high quality Maths Worksheets for students in Primary School between Years 3 to 6. Maths Worksheets may be photocopied by a teacher for his/her class.

This website is designed so that teachers, tutors and parents can download Maths Worksheets which cover specific skills. Wherever possible each Maths Worksheet only covers one skill. The Maths Worksheets can be used with whole classes, small groups or individuals, enabling teachers, tutors and parents to match work with individual requirements.

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The layout of the Maths Worksheets has been kept as simple as possible. Many include examples and straightforward explanations. You can see a range of Maths Worksheets in the Sample Worksheets section.

Maths Worksheets - helping students, parents, teachers and tutors with maths homework


Finding a Maths Worksheet

To find a Maths Worksheet which covers a specific skill, either use the navigation bar on the left hand side and ‘drill down' to the appropriate worksheet or go to Indexes.

There is an index for each subject. The indexes provide information such as the skill covered, number of questions, number of pages and examples. Having found a specific Maths Worksheet in an index, simply enter the Maths Worksheet Number in to the Search Tool (the number can be copied and pasted). The Search Tool is located in the top right hand side of the screen.

Maths Worksheets - helping students, parents, teachers and tutors with maths homework


Downloading a Maths Worksheet

Sample Worksheets can be opened and printed immediately using Adobe.

Other Maths Worksheets can be purchased individually. Most of the Maths Worksheets are AUD $0.50 each. Simply add worksheets to your shopping cart and then proceed to the checkout when you are finished. Your worksheets will be instantly emailed to you.

Alternatively you can subscribe for a year. Subscription costs AUD $25.95. Your login will be instantly emailed to you and you will have access to all the Maths Worksheets for 12 months. Subscribing saves you the trouble of having to make separate transactions throughout the year.

For more information go to prices and payment.

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